What's the concept of wearing "Three layers of clothes"?
In order to deal with changeable weather and drive out a large amount of sweat coming from outdoor exercises, some overseas sportsmen developed a "three layers" clothes wearing concept
for outdoor activities to correspond to all sorts of weather changes and practical needs for doing outdoor exercises. In fact, Coolplus
® is the best first layer.
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Why wearing
Coolplus® make us feel comfortable?
Wicking Property & Water Diffusing + Quick Dry & Air Permeability = Perfect Comfort

Is Coolplus® suitable for winter?
Of course! In a freezing winter, Coolplus® will become the best first layer fabric especially when you're doing some oxygen-consuming exercises. Due to its excellent water transport function, your skin no longer suffers from coldness and the moisture will also be evaporated and driven out through the outer fabric. Remember, if your body is wet, it's hard to keep you warm!


Comparing with natural cotton,
what advantages do
Coolplus® fabrics have?
Coolplus®is better than natural cotton in quick dry, air permeability, color fading resistant, shrink resistant and crease resistant.


Why I cannot use any softener when washing my Coolplus® fabrics?
Since the softener usually contains hydrophobic silicone, it is easily deposited in the four channels. The Coolplus® fiber, contains and reduces the water transport function.


Do Coolplus®'s functions come from after treatment processing?
No! All of Coolplus®'s functions come from the structure of the fiber itself. Therefore, the functions won't get worn after several times of washing.

Can I dye my Coolplus® clothes as I please?
No! Coolplus® is made by special fiber processing, so it can be dyed only through special procedures.

Are all the
Coolplus® fabrics made by polyester fibers?
Coolplus® is mainly made by special functional polyester or nylon fibers manufactured by
Chung-Shing Textile Co., Ltd. However, in some fabrics, we may add a few elastic fibers or other decorative fibers to give the fabric elasticity.

What's the difference between Coolplus® fabrics and other/general polyester or nylon fibers?
Coolplus® is specifically designed for water transport and more comfortable wear. Fabrics made by polyester or nylon fibers Chung-Shing Textile Co., Ltd., manufactures are naturally given the quick dry and air permeating functions. Furthermore, before it is put into the market, Coolplus® has to undergo strict function tests.
Those excellent functions the fiber itself contains can defeat all the traditional fibers with round cross sections and those after treatment processed water-absorbing fabrics.



How can I get the certificate and tag of Coolplus® fabrics?
Please dial 886-3-4783141 ext. 310 (R&D II Department at Yangmei Chemical Fiber Plant, Chung-Shing Textile Co., Ltd.)(for more details)

How can I contact the ready-made garments manufacturers using
Coolplus® fabrics?
Please dial 886-2-23458855 ext. 543, and we'll give you our recommendation.

<Tips on Added Functions>
After washing your 100% Coolplus® made clothes,
just hang them up and leave them dry naturally.
Its quick dry feature will surprise you.
You don't even need your drying machine anymore
---energy saving!